Suncoast Compost
Residential Drop-Off  —  Terms of Service


how it works

Every week, we will pick up your household kitchen food scraps from your drop-off location and take them to our farm where our hungry Black Soldier Flies will turn everything into rich compost. Twice a year, you come to a designated pick-up site where we give you a heap of dirt to nourish your garden, flowers or trees. You can also opt to have it delivered for a small fee.

To start, we will deliver two things: a kitchen compost bin and several compostable bags. If you are in our service area, we will drop off your kitchen bin and bags at your house. If you are outside our service area, you will need to pick up your bin and bags at the drop-off location.You can drop off your compost at any time at your drop-off location. That’s all there is! 


Areas We Serve
Our drop off locations are outlined on our website. If for some reason we have to modify the drop-off locations, we will let you know. 

Community Partners
We really love our community partners that host drop-off sites. Please make sure to securely close the orange latch on the large bins to ensure animals don’t get in there. Raccoons are watching.

Keeping the Compost Clean
Our compost is only as clean as the stuff you give us. While we intend to follow composting best practices (yes, they really exist!), they cannot compensate for any yard waste or dangerous or illegal items that get put in the bins. So...PLEASE check our website for what you can and cannot put into the compost bin. The list is also on the kitchen bin sticker and the curbside bin sticker. Any time we update this list, we’ll send you an email.

And just so you know, all of our composted soil will be tested by the University of Florida Extension Office before we give it back to you to ensure the richest, most quality compost.

Going Out of Town
Of course you don’t have to pay if you’re going to be out of town. Just give us 14 days advance notice via email and we will prorate the cost. However, if you want to suspend service for longer than a month, we will need to formally cancel your service. We hope you’ll join us again upon your return.

Leftover Finished Compost
Any compost soil that is left over after the twice-yearly pick-up will be donated to a local school or community garden.

payment, terms of service & other stuff

Here’s all the stuff the announcers say really fast:

  • We will drop off your bin and bags and get you started within one week of your first payment. Once you get your goods, you can drop off your compost at any time!

  • If your kitchen bin is lost or broken in any way, it will need to be replaced for $10.

  • Suncoast Compost is the technical owner of all of these bins. If you cancel your service with us (we hope you don’t but we need to figure all this stuff out anyways), we will pick up your bin.

  • Our contract is with your household only. You cannot add others onto your account. Nor can you share, sell, resell or otherwise supply another household.

  • Services may be revoked if you put unapproved, illegal or dangerous items into the bin.

  • We promise to keep all customer information private. We won’t sell it to a third party.

  • We hope this doesn’t happen, but we need to state that either one of us can cancel this agreement with 14 days’ notice via email.

  • These terms are subject to change. Feel free to check back here any time. We'll notify you by email if it's something major.


Questions? Comments? Applause? You can reach us via email