Small families, work families, or the whole community—we'll help you compost.

If you're looking for a better place to put your waste, look no further. Suncoast Compost offers composting services to the Tampa Bay area in the form of curbside pickup for residential and business locations, community drop-off points for households outside our service area, and event composting services—including zero waste event consultation and support. 


residential composting

Instead of tossing food waste in the trash, we'll compost it for you. From coffee grounds to those leftovers no one ever ate — we'll take 'em! We offer two different residential composting options: curbside pickup, which functions much like your other trash and recycling pickup, and community drop-off, where you drop off your compost anytime at a pre-determined location. 

curbside pickup

Super convenient, weekly pickup at your residence.
$30/mo per household.  Learn More

community drop-off

Drop your compost at one of our community drop-off points. $15/mo per household.  Learn More


business composting

Bottom line, composting is good for business. We compost for all types of businesses — from old soggy office lunches to restaurant food waste, food bank overages, and salon compostables — we'll help your business go greener!


event composting

Every event can be greener and we can help! Party of 10 to gatherings in the hundreds, we provide consultation, composting services, vendor relations, and more. Reach out and let's chat!

Not sure which service is for you? Check out our FAQs page, or contact us and we'll be happy to advise you.