We help transform food waste back into food.

Suncoast Compost offers composting services and consultation to individuals, businesses, and events in the Tampa Bay area. We inspire, educate, and empower people to put their food waste to use, promoting sustainable practices and reconnecting the food cycle one composter at a time. It's a dirty job, and we're happy to do it. Together, we can make our community more sustainable. 

Here's How It Works:

  1. You sign-up and get compost bins + Composting 101.

  2. You put all food waste into your bins.

  3. We collect those food scraps once a week.

  4. You get back finished compost 2x/year.

  5. We all celebrate a healthier planet together!

Why Compost?

turn food waste into food • starve landfills • limit methane • alleviate food waste guilt


Food waste is a complex and ridiculous human problem. Each year industrialized countries waste as much food as the net production of all sub-Saharan Africa, yet there are still starving people in the world.

The EPA estimates that about 30% of what we throw away could be composted. When sent to the landfill, these materials produce methane, a potent greenhouse gas. If we rebrand food waste as “misplaced resources,” and compost those scraps instead, we can do a lot to address climate change and food security at the same time. 

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Support Businesses That Compost!

It's easy and affordable to make composting part of any business plan. Encourage your favorite coffee shop and dinner spot to put their food waste to good use! Learn More →