Don't let your food scraps go to waste!

Our curbside compost is the most convenient way to make sure your food scraps turn into rich soil instead of landfill. Collect your food scraps in your kitchen bin, transfer it to your curbside bin every week, we will pick up your household kitchen food scraps and take them to our farm where our hungry Black Soldier Flies will turn everything into rich compost. Twice a year, you come to a designated pick-up site where we give you a heap of dirt to nourish your garden, flowers or trees. Together, we close the loop and work toward a healthier planet for everyone. 

We offer curbside compost pickup for $30/month. 

households receive:

  • Weekly food scrap pick up

  • Curbside bin

  • Kitchen bin

  • Compostable bags

  • Finished compost 2x a year

  • Better world

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current curbside pickup Service AreA


Don't see your location highlighted on the map? We can let you know when we expand our curbside pickup services to your area. Or check out our Residential Drop-Off Program. 

Since I live in an apartment, I didn’t think composting was an option for me. With Suncoast Compost, I can still compost my food scraps without needing a yard. I wish every community had a service like this! I absolutely love it!
— Sarah Page, St. Petersburg