Fork to Farm with A Simpler Place

We have a broken food system.

We mine the earth for fertilizers, ship them across the country to grow food, and then ship that food back here. There’s a better way that doesn’t include environmental degradation of our land for mining fertilizers and using literally tons of fossil fuels for shipping. Suncoast Compost is on a mission to heal and reconnect the food cycle. By working with local residents and businesses to divert food waste from the landfill, we can turn that food waste into valuable nutrients to grow more food here in our community. That’s why we are over the moon to announce that Suncoast Compost is now partnering with A Simpler Place Farm and Market. They’re the other half of the equation we’ve been waiting for. 


Located in Riverview, Florida, A Simpler Place was founded in 2011 by Renee Watley. Back then, she was searching for local, organic foods and couldn’t find what she was looking for. Like a true boss babe, she decided to start her own farmette. A Simpler Place has so many great things going on, it’s hard to know where to start. On site, there are chickens, bees, a farm store, and several plots with over 100 varieties of crops. Once a month, you can visit their farmer’s market with all kinds of great makers and bakers. A Simpler Place also offers a range of classes from sourdough bread making to succulents to a farm camp for the kiddos. In the farm store, you’ll find produce from the on site garden, as well as from other local farms. You won’t believe what delicious food comes out of their kitchen, inspired by their local produce- cakes, pickles, and biscuits that are to die for. You’ll also find other local products on sale such as teas, chocolates, salts and more. 

But wait, there’s more. Bonus announcement! Not only are we joining forces to supply A Simpler Place with compost, we are also pleased to announce we are adding a drop-off site at their location. Don’t have the time or space to tend to your own compost pile? For just $15/month you can join us in our mission of reconnecting the food cycle. 



  • Go to
  • Pick up your kitchen bin at A Simpler Place
  • Receive a welcome email with your Composting 101 details
  • Drop off your food scraps anytime at the designated drop-off site
  • Get back finished compost twice a year
  • Experience the warm feeling of being good to the earth

So when you come visit A Simpler Place, keep an eye out for our composting site. We are using a modified static pile method, layering organic waste with mulch from local arborists. We look forward to inviting our composting allies on a tour of the site and sampling some of the local produce and goodies. We can’t wait to savour the taste of delicious tomatoes fueled by our local food waste.