Uber Local

3 Reasons to buy local food

#1: Did you know the food on your plate travels an average of 1500 miles? Another way to lower your carbon footprint, besides composting, is to buy local food. For us, we define local food as grown within 100 miles.

#2: Plants start dying as soon as they are harvested, meaning the farther it's traveled, the more nutrients are lost. Simply put, local food has a higher nutrient content.

#3: You know how strawberries taste better during February? This is because the strawberries were able to ripen on the plant, and then picked. When you buy food that has to travel hundreds of miles, it has to be picked before it has a chance to ripen.

Chances are if you care about composting, you know the importance of local food. Which is why we are so happy to be rolling out our local farm goods delivery program to our composters! We’ve teamed up with A Simpler Place Farm & Market to bring local goodies to our composters’ doorsteps. Think Uber Eats, but Uber Local, and slower. 

How it works:
1. Order by Monday at 9 pm.* 
2. $35 minimum order requirement
3. At checkout, enter your delivery address, and select "Suncoast Compost" customer.
4. We'll deliver to your home or workplace on Friday!

*This gives the farms enough notice about how much to harvest and ship. Slow food movement, baby.

Order here Friday 9am-Monday 9 pm.