Composting Conundrums

Composting during the summer in Florida can be especially trying. Here are some common problems with a few suggestions.

Flies in the house: Run the bin through the dishwasher if you haven't already. If you have, try spraying it with some bleach. You can also empty the bag more often.

Flies outside and sludge: Unfortunately, during the Florida summer, there definitely will be flies around. Just like mosquitoes are starting to come back strong, so do all of the other insects. The good news is, they'll die down again once it gets cooler. That being said there are a few things you can do. 

  1. First, just give your bucket a good hose-down.
  2. Spray some bleach inside and underneath the lid, especially.
  3. After you'd done the above, turn it upside down to let it air out.

Sludge: It could be from the humidity or perhaps the warmer temperatures mean that the food is breaking down faster. See if you can keep your bin in a place that is out of the sun and rain. Make sure the latch is closed to help keep out the rain. The sun might make the food break down faster. If you can, keep your bin under cover, because even with the latch on, moisture can find its way in the bin. 

Other helpful hints:

  • Tie your compostable bag up before putting it in the outside bin

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